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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Craftjuice (Tuesday) Wednesday

As promised last night here are my choices from Craftjuice for this week. There is no theme this week, I just picked items that made me smile. First up is food, knew that would get your attention. Check out this redcurrant and strawberry pie, looks good enough to eat but unfortunately is has been crocheted. It has been made by Melbangel and it for sale on etsy
Next up is these amazing bookmarks.  They are just so different. I would love to have one of these marking the page on any book I was reading. They are made by umeorigami and are for sale on etsy 

Next up is this ice cream cone pattern. This could keep the children busy over the last of the Easter holidays. Nothing better than a bit of gluing to keep the children happy. It is made by fairyfox and is for sale on etsy
And finally for this week I have picked this Welcome hanging. It would be sure to brighten up any room. It is made by KnK and is for sale on etsy.
Hope that you have enjoyed my choices this week. Feel free to check out Craftjuice yourself, it's free to join and if you submit some items you never know that I may just showcase them here next week.


  1. Lovely choice! they are all so cute!!! I love the bookmark :D

  2. Great choices this week, I especially love the ice cream cones!

  3. I girl after my own heart, lots of cake and ice cream! love it

  4. Oooo I looked at that cake I love it lol .... we also have the lady who makes the felt paterns as our Featured Thursday tomorrow spooky stuff x


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