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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dog or Cat Person?

It seems to be that British people are split in two. You are either a dog person or a cat person. However there are a few of us who have had the fortune of being loved by both. I am one of those people we had a Westie for 12 years called Smudger, a mental springer for 2 years called Gizmo and currently have a very loving cat (when she wants to be of course) called Tink. I must admit I always thought that I was a dog person but I love my cat to pieces and wouldn't swap her for anything so I must fall into both camps. I wonder what you are? The reason for asking is that this week for Craftjuice Tuesday I decided to try and find both dog and cat related items. There are surprisingly lots and I have tried to pick items just that little bit different from the norm.

First up for all you dog people is this lovely greyhound from FlirtyMyrtle. She makes all her items out of paper mache, I remember putting paper mache around balloons at school but I am completely in awe of what she has achieved with this medium. This dog looks as if he has just realised you are coming in the door and you know by the tail that he is happy to see you. His name is Flicker and is for sale on etsy 
My other choice for dog lovers is this adorable brooch . He just makes me go aah and I know that all dog lovers will fall for that face. Yes I know it is a button but he still looks very animated. He has been made by ellies-treasures and is for sale on folksy.

Now for all you cat lovers. First up is this amazing oil painting. This would just look amzing on my living room wall although it may feel a bit like it would be following you around the room. It has been painted by ollina and is for sale on etsy

Finally for this week is this cute but functional cozy set. When I am doing the market stall on a Saturday one of these around my mug would keep my hot chocolate just that bit longer for a little longer. They are made by sharnemaniaknits and are for sale on folksy
I hope you have enjoyed my collection of items this week and please let me know are you a dog, cat or both person.


  1. I'm a cat person and I love a good cuppa so the last pic is for me!

  2. I'm a dog person, but have had cats in the past - after the arrival of my Greyhounds cats were off the list though. I only have my lurcher left now of the hounds, but also share my home with two Labradors.

    I love that Greyhound at the top, might make it to my wish list that one.

    ~Bags of Swank by SimJaTa~


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