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Monday, 5 April 2010

Secret Easter Bunny

On a previous post I explained that I had been making a gift as my participation in the Secret Easter Bunny some of us was taking part in on the Craft Forum. Well on Easter Sunday we were all allowed to open our gift and finally see what had been sent to each other.  I received a lovely handmade mug, that had been fully personalised just for me from Daesul as she is known on the forum. She is actually called Claire Manwani and her beautiful pottery can be found at her website. I do suggest that you go on over and have a look at her makes, she does make some brilliant items. Oh and I forgot to say that inside the mug were some chocolate eggs, she is obviously a women after my own heart. I shall be taking my mug with me to work tomorrow and advertising my business each and every day but hopefully I can also point some people in her direction also. Here are the photographs of the mug that Claire made for me.

Also I did promise that I would share with you the pictures of the necklace and bracelet that I made for Lilac Moon Designs, so here it is. First up is the bracelet, followed by the necklace.

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