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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


The make for Monday 5th April  won't make you cry but it might make you smile. I took some silver plated chain and just made the pendant the focal point. I started off with some acrylic teardrop shaped beads in lovely shades of pink and purple in various sizes. Each one of these was joined by a jump ring to a length of chain. Each chain was then attached by a larger jump ring to a silver plated large ring. I think that as the better weather comes along we need to try and make ourselves look summery (if there is such a word) and I believe that this particular necklace would look amazing with a lovely white dress on. Just imagine yourself on a summer holiday, skin a lovely shade of brown, nails painted and best of all you are feeling nice and relaxed. Have I painted a nice picture, I hope so now just imagine yourself with this necklace on.
Ok, now that I have painted this wonderful picture in your head, unfortunately I am going to bring you back to earth with a bump and say welcome back to Britain in April. However you could always purchase the necklace and still have the dream. The necklace is called Teardrops.

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