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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Before and after

This is more of a remake than a new make so I shall show you the before and after pictures and feel free to leave comments as to which one you prefer. I don't often make an item of jewellery just for me but this was one of those rare occasions. I had taken 3 large round beads and put silver plated patterned rectangles in between and threaded onto purple suede cord.

Unfortunately when it was hanging on my stand in the bedroom the middle bead somehow cracked right down the middle, (must have been a weak spot) and I was left with 2 beads and 2 rectangles and it just did not look right. I managed to get another bead to match but decided to change the design slightly. I took the rectangles out and just left in the beads. I made the purple suede cord shorter so that it sits further up the neck.

The other thing to notice is my new style of photographs. I used to take all of my photographs on a bust, however I have started to lay all my jewellery onto a large crstal that I have had in the house for ages and one day is just sort of shouted at me, and I have been using this as my prop ever since.

As I said let me know which necklace you prefer and also which style of photograph you prefer.

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