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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Movie NIght

Friday night is movie night in our house. We sit down with some nibbles and watch the latest movie of our choice. We all tend to take turns at picking which film we would like to choose, this week it was turn of my daughter Iona and she picked Bedtime Stories. Click here for more information on the film Now you need to know that I do not like Adam Sandler that much, I find his humour too childish but I did enjoy this film. Anyway because the film was on I needed something easy to do and this called for a simple stringing project. The fan pieces are made of haemetite and the round beads are magnetic and there are gold seed beads inbetween. I have called it Haemetite Fan.

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  1. ooh good choice I loved Bedtime Stories! Fave Adam Sandler film has got to be Wedding Singer, love that film & soundtrack. Necklace is lovely Elissa x


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