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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Catch Up

Well, I have finally sorted out the craft area, the living area has been moved around and I can spread out on the dining table and watch tv as I work. Utter bliss, not the tv but the fact I can spread out. I am normally perched on the sofa with a small tv table in front of me, trying hard not to drop everything.

Friday night we went to the Drive-in Movie. We went to see Grease and after a few technical mishaps we finally got going and I can highly reccomend this as a way to watch the movies. You can rustle and crunch to your hearts content, no-one to disturb and you can sing along as no-one can hear you. We settled down with hot chocolate, crisps and popcorn and a blanket each and do you know I had forgotten how good Grease is to watch. My daughter had never seen this film before (makes me feel old, i remember going to see it about 6 times as a teenager) and even she enjoyed it, so it is definately timeless. I shall definately be going to another one in the future if they decide to do this again.

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