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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Art - Craftjuice Tuesday

Today I decided to try and broaden my mind a little and pick some paintings out of Craftjuice. I am not expert but I just picked what I like. First up is this Happy Wedding chalk art. I think is is so cute and would make an amazing keepsake for anyone who is or has just got married. It is drawn by KnK and is for sale on etsy
Next up is Lulu. Something about those eyes is so mesmorising. it has been drawn by mochalulu and is for sale on folksy. 
Finally for today a very simple black and white painting inspired by Jane Austen's novel Emma. Emma is waiting patiently for Mr Knightley. This would look really good on anyone's wall. It has been drawn by Ollina and is for sale on etsy 
That's it for today, hope that you like my choices. Remember and come back next week to see what I pick then.


  1. I Love that middle one especially. I have a button fetish for mine today!

  2. I love the last painting ... fantastic choices x

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  4. Love the wedding picture. Definately a lovely keepsake.


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