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Monday, 17 May 2010

What about Homer?

The reason for asking the question above will all become clear as you read. There are two Homer's that I am aware of and although unfortunately I am not cultured enough to quote you any Homer, the ancient Greek Poet, I m aware of him. However the Homer I am talking about is Homer J Simpson, and the reason for this is his love of donuts.
The reason I ask is becuse of the agate pink/white agate donut that I have used in this necklace. As soon as I saw it I thought of him and that image must have stayed in my mind because I carried on in the pink theme, which I believe is Homer's favourite coloured of iced donut. The star of the show is definitely the donut, so I did not want to add too much more to the necklace. I used a pale pink cord and added some metal effect beads about half way up the cord. Obviously the name of my make for Wednesday 21st April is Hmm Donut's.

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