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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Do you wear glasses?

The reason I ask is that I have been asked to make some of those beaded glasses holders chains. Without trying to sound awful I always picture an old spinster wearing those chain version that you normally get and I wasn't sure what a beaded version would look like. Anyway after some research I discovered that you can make some fun and funky designs and really like most things the only limit is your imagination. Anyway I have made one or two now and although they will never be my best seller I like to have two or three on the stall so that people can have a choice. I needed to make a new one as I currently only had two and decided to make this one quite plain with just an odd flower decoration at odd intervals. My make for Friday 23rd April is the Teal Daisy spectacle holder.


  1. Hiya From Francesca @ Silverthistlebeads :-) Your newest follower :-) Love the idea of beaded Glass's chains though - would make a great present at any time of the year

  2. I think beaded glasses chains are a brilliant idea. Having just had to resort to having glasses myself - been putting it off as didn't want to admit my age - I would love to have a unique necklace type for my reading glasses and I think the price is great its nearly £3 for an ordinary chain from the supermarket and its a basic plain braid like material. I personally prefer the turquoise beaded one with few flowers myself or one with cream pearls would be nice too very classy looking. I think you may sell more thank you think as over 40 or so lots of people have to resort to glasses if only for reading or like me for crafting.

  3. These are ideal for ladies of, cough, more mature years who only wear specs for reading as you tend to forget where you laid them last and spend half your day looking for them.


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