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Monday, 3 May 2010

It's all black and white

Sometimes colour just gets too much and you want good old black and white. I have had the pendant for ages but was never too sure how to attach to a necklace. At the bead shop I saw these black and white squares and new instantly they would make a brilliant combination. When I got them home that's when I remembered about the pendant and this time I was determined to use it. I pondered for a long time, just how was I going to conect the pendant to the necklace. I didn't have a large enough bail to fit and I wanted to finish the necklace straight away. After much deliberation I decided to try and make something with wire. I started with making a coil, I am quite happy with it, it is nice and tight and fairly circular. I then carried it through the hole in the pendant and made a bail to hang it from the necklace. I maybe could have made the bail look a bit neater but I think it looks not to bad for a first attempt. I then strung on the white and black beads with metal spacer beads inbetween. Finally it is finished off with some black coloured chain to make it a nice length. I give you my make for Wednesday 14th April, the Monochrome necklace.

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