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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Memories - Craftjuice Tuesday

When I opened up Craftjuice this week, the first picture at the top of the upcoming list was these coasters. As soon as I saw them I knew what my theme was going to be this week. I can rememeber playing these games as a child and searching for relevant items really brought all the memories back. They are made by Lemonade and Lamingtons and are for sale on Folksy.

Next up is the classic game Monopoly. Now be honest who hasn't spent a winter's evening arguing with the family over the money when you are losing? Retrofaerie has taken the houses and hotel and turned them into a bracelet. It is for sale on folksy.

And finally for this week, the classic game Pacman, if you can't admit to spending at least part of one afternoon in an arcade playing this game you must be a lot younger than me (or your memory is fading and you won't admit your age!). These brooches are made by Kittynoir and are for sale on misi.

Well that's it for this week. I hope that you enjoyed my choices and that it maybe just brought back some lovely childhood memories for you today.


  1. Great choices this week, I remember all these,good to go down memory lane!


  2. Loving those coasters! Good board game memories for me too.Marie x


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