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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Really long necklaces

Not sure what you prefer, long or short lengths of necklaces. Normally I make something in the middle and to be honest that is what this necklace started out like. I had 5 of the acrylic light blue wavy beads. They are so tactile, very smooth, such a lovely feel. I joined these with white pearlescent seed beads either side and threaded them onto eye pins. Next up I took some white cat's eye beads and threaded them onto eye pins with metal ridged beads. I then joined the links together with sections of silver plated chain. The finished result is so long you could easily wrap it around your neck 2 times, or if you prefer just have a very long necklace. The finished result for Tuesday 13th April is called Blue Ice.

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  1. I love long necklaces - that one looks lovely.


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