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Sunday, 16 May 2010

What a mouthful

Sometime you can get some very large beads and there are quite a lot of chunky necklaces that I like, however I also think that there are some out there that are so over the top that I would never be able to
wear them. I decided to tone down these very large beads with these red glass disks, they have a very light dusting of gold which I think picks up on the gold markings on the brown beads. The two last beads before the chain starts are actually black with stars cut out of them. I finished it off with some chain, so we can have the length but without the weight. So if you like chunky jewellery you may just enjoy my offering for Monday 14th April is Gobstoppers, so called because they remind me so much of the sweets you used to have as a child.

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