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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Last week at the market stall I had a very lovely lady looking at my jewellery. We got into conversation and she explained that as she was getting into the twilight of her years she had an issue trying to open and close her necklaces. I explained that there was two ways around this problem, one she could buy a very long necklace and wrap it around her neck a couple of time. Or she could have a necklace with a magnetic clasp. Having never heard of this before she was quite excited at the thought of having any necklace she wanted and not being worried about how she was going to get it on or off. Anyway after a lot of discussion she decided that she liked a very long necklace I had in shades of purple but she didn't want the length. I agreed to make her a shorter version with a magnetic clasp. When I brought it with me to the stall the following Saturday, I had a little trepidation, would she like it etc, I am sure you have all had that feeling. Anyway she loved it and I was one very happy necklace maker. I give you my make for Thursday 22nd April, Purpleicious.


  1. This is a lovely necklace. I'm not surprised she liked it!

    I use magnetic clasps a lot, especially for people with less nimble fingers or difficulty in holding their arms up for long enought to fasten a clasp. They don't seem to come apart either, which is what worries people.

    The barrel screw ones are good, too, but they do come apart of you are very active - I think vibration makes them twist and work loose.

  2. Congratulations on the sale! It is gorgeous and I love the colour (purple is my favourite) I've never thought about using magnetic clasps.. something I'll have to have a play with I think :)

  3. Thats beautiful, I bet she was pleased with it.


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