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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday - Mothers Day gift ideas

Well, doesn't the week fly. It's Tuesday, so once again it is time to post my favourite picks from Craft Juice. I thought that I would pick out some items that would be suitable for Mothers Day as it is only a week and a half away. Speaking as a Mum I would be very happy to receive any one of these as a gift (hint hint).
The first item is Pressed Viola Flower pendant/necklace. It is made by Shpangle Jewellery and is available to buy on his website 
My next choice was a handbag, now anyone who knows me will tell you I much prefer jeans and pockets but I really like the look of this. It is made by RetroFaerie and is for sale on Etsy

The card that I have picked is one I would give my Mum. She would absolutely love the wording on it. It has been made by MostlyFlowers and is for sale on Etsy  (I think, the seller is still there but seems to be showing mostly bridal bouquets now.

Finally I have picked a cute pair of earrings. Just the right length for wearing every day and not too showy. I hope you like them too. They have been made by frankie and are for sale at Folksy 


  1. Hi there. I saw your comment on craft juice - thank you so much for featuring my earrings. I'm now following your blog so I can look out for more prettiness! x

  2. Those earrings are fab,think I'll be heading on over to craft juice to purchase a pair.


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