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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Have you heard of Black Lip Shell?

I originally picked up this pendant quite a while ago. I have never come across Black Lip shell before and this link will tell you quite a lot of information about it. All the pendant required for it to be the finished article was a bail and a chain. I can hear people now saying how can she claim that this is handmade and to some extent I agree. Normally I will add to the pendant with beads and embellish it even further. However time was running short, and to be honest I thought it looked beautiful enough on it's own. The other thought running through my head was it was Mothers Day on Sunday and maybe a more simple necklace might suit more people than a more elaborate necklace. The strange thing is that I was proved right as it was sold on Saturday. Maybe sometimes I should listen to the other person in my head (I was born in May and I am definately a gemini) and have some courage in my convictions and learn that sometimes less is more. I would love to hear what all the other crafters think about this subject. I have called it Black Lip shell pendant and it is strung on a sterling silver chain.


  1. Personally I don't see the problem. Just how far back do you have to go to be classed as handmade? Adapting and redesigning is all part of making something so go for it and congratulations on the sale

  2. I agree - you *could* have added all manner of bits and bobs, but as it was you designed it in that particular way. And very pretty it is too.


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