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Monday, 8 March 2010

When did you last look at your wife's ears?

Guy's listen up, here is a very good piece of advice, before you buy your wife, girlfriend, mum or any other female of the species any jewellery, you tend to try and find out her favourite colour. Maybe her favourite stone, does she prefer gold or silver. Does she prefer long or short necklaces, big and chunky or small and petite? Whatever her choice can I suggest you find out one crucial piece of information. Are her ears pierced or not? The reason I ask is because I had a really lovely gentleman come to my stall on Saturday, he explained that his wife had lost her earring and he wanted to buy her a replacement pair. Only stipulation was they had to be brown. Well I picked out 2 or 3 pairs for him and he picked out the pair that he liked. I asked the question, she does have pierced ears doesn't she. Panic spread across his face, he didn't know. I started to show him some clip on earrings and he decided to take a pair of these. Lovely. Job done. Within about 5 minutes a woman came back to the stall and guess what she had pierced ears. Yes it was the wife, coming back to swap the earrings. All's well that ends well and she actually did like the original pair of pierced earrings that he had picked, which of course I swapped over for her. So the moral of the story gents, do a bit of detective work and have a good look at her ears before you go shopping, just remember to do it sneakily if the earrings are a surprise. 

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