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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lets keep the kids busy

Easter holidays start here on Thursday and I for one know how difficult it is to keep the kids entertained over the holiday period. I have a 16 year old who will spend the whole 2 weeks on the xbox if he gets the chance. However my 10 year old is always moaning I'm bored. I am sure that Mum's all over the world have been there, done there and got the t-shirt. So with this in mind for this weeks Craft Juice Tuesday I decided to look through craft juice and see if there were any childrens packs or starter packs.  The first one that I found was a paper doll PDF fun kit and it has been put together by Rebeccaluffman and is for sale on etsy. I am sure that any little girl would enjoy many hours playing at dress up.

The second choice is for those children who like getting messy. It is paint them yourself easter eggs and has been made by AedanSeppe. It is for sale on etsy. Just think you might have the mess to tidy up but the finished result will last a lot longer than chocolate.

The final choice for this week is some sewing. Now I know that might mean spending some quality time with the little darlings but believe me you could have some fun as well and you never know you might just set the next Vivienne Westwood on the road.  It is Little Alien make-it-yourself kit and is made by LoveHector. It is for sale on folksy.

I hope that you have enjoyed my selection this week and if you act quick enugh you may also be able to purchase them in time for your son or daughter to spend some crafty time over the Easter holidays.

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  1. Very good choices! Could I just add that it is not just mums lol I am a 'house husband' and our children's Easter holidays started yesterday and I am already pulling my hair out..and believe me I value my hair lol.



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