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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dissapointing Day

Nothing upsetting or anything like that just had high hopes to do lots of crafting today.  Wanted to do some polymer clay, some shrink plastic and try some more wire work. Woke at the ungodly hour of 6.30, tried to get to sleep again but it wasn't happening. Decided to get up at 7.00 and put the day to good use. Well it got put to good use alright, just not how I imagined it would be. Shopping, cleaning, and a mountain of ironing took the hole day over. Before I knew it, it was late afternoon and I had lost the opportunity to do my crafting thing. Looking forward to some time off work at Easter to spend lots of time trying out new things. Anyway the upshot was another simple make for me today. Must be on a citrus roll this week as the main focal point is a large green acrylic diamond shape. The photograph makes it look almost yellow, but it is green. Decided to use a full metre of black chain with more of my coloured cord, green this time. This is definitely a show stopper. Just wish it was the real thing then I would be be a millionnaire. I have called it hypnotize.

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