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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

It's a Beary day

It's Tuesday again, time for a meander around Craftjuice, why don't you join up, post your latest pics and you never know I may just pick you for my feature next week. Today I decided I wanted to see what teddy bear items I could find.First up is this adorable card, any new parents would be happy to receive. It has been made by shesbatty and is for sale on etsy

Next up is this cute charm from jellybeads, I think that it would look lovely turned into a necklace, I am sure that plenty of little girls would be really happy to receive it as a gift. It is for sale on etsy .

Next up is a babygro made by prem2pram, she makes some lovely items of clothing for premature babies and I am sure that most mum's and dad's just love to be able to dress their babies in clothing that makes them look like all the other babies, even if they may be going through some other difficulties at the time. It is for sale on her website.
Next up is this lovely towel bale, just the thing for a new nursery. Don't know if I would want to use them, they are too pretty, could just look good on display. They are made by SilverBirchCrafts and are for sale on misi.
Finally from me I could not resist these gift tags. They remind me of paper scraps that I used to collect when I was a child. Every Saturday my Dad would buy me a new pack and there would be a mad dash to school on Monday morning to swap any spares, must have been the forerunner to football stickers. They are made by swirlyarts and are for sale on folksy
Hope that you like my choices this week and that you will come back again to have a look around at my choices another time.


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